Venous disease and leg ulcers are often accompanied by skin problems caused by venous hypertension and edema such as venous dermatitis. Patients frequently complain about skin tenderness, pain and burning as a result. The skin may present as erythematous and weeping or dry and scaly.


Evaluate a new advanced skin protectant, Calazime, that offered endermic nutrition in addition to superior barrier properties.


Remedy Calazime Skin Protectant was applied 3 times per week to one patient under multi-layer compression bandages. This continued until the study concluded 3 weeks later.


Within one week, a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the skin and a noticeable decrease in the degree of erythema to the lower extremities was assessed. The patient expressed relief from his itching. The skin was clear within three weeks.


Results suggest that Remedy Calazime Protectant Paste may be useful in the relief of symptoms of venous dermatitis. *Adapted from the original Study.

Clinically Tested to be:

• Non-Sensitizing

• Non-Allergenic

• Non-Irritating

• Dermatologist Tested